Work With Us... Help Kuwait Rescues

4Pawz is dedicated to helping Kuwait rescue dogs & cats by supporting local shelters and rescue groups through our ADS program


If you think you are fit and can handle a new pet, please consider adopting one from a shelter or rescue group.. Buying animals is morally & ethically wrong!

Alternatively, you can foster a dog or cat until a permanent loving home is found for them.

4Pawz offer help and advice, we will groom & feed a new adopted/rescued pet, and provide support & advice.


4Pawz offers you the opportunity to donate dog & cat food at discounted rates delivered to the shelter/rescue group of your choice.

In addition, you can donate directly, sponsor vet bills, or give away old furniture, dog & cat accessories, cages or any other old items to your preferred shelter/group.


Support rescued dogs & cats in Kuwait by volunteering with rescue groups and shelters. Or you can participate & help in adoption events, raise awareness and teach your kids, relatives & friends about animal care and love.

Contact a rescue group today & find out how you can help.

Buy it online, we will deliver

The Heroes

We work with a number of Kuwait rescue groups & shelters by providing support, help & donations to our best ability. Click on any of their logos to learn more about their great charitable work

Send food to rescue dogs & cats

Buy dog or cat food for a shelter or rescue group

Buy dog & cat food for a shelter or rescue group & pay only part of the cost. We share the cost with you & deliver to the shelter or rescue group of your choice.

Kennel 15Kg dry dog food

Feeds 2 dogs for a month on average.

KD 8

MITO 15Kg dry cat food

Feed 8 cats for a month on average

D 10

Kennel & Mito Food are imported exclusively by 4Pawz to support shelters & rescue groups . Kennel & Mito are premium dry food that is sold at no profit to shelters & rescue groups only, and is not offered for sale to public. 

Lost or Found a Pet? let us help